DigiWhat for C-Level

If we knew what we already know....
DigiWhat provides you with an internal knowledge administration tool which gives you an immediate overview of all the problems you solved. Get all your projects easily turned into Case Studies and make them available to all stakeholders.

You can optimally exploit existing expertise within your company, speeding up internal and external project execution. It helps your tech and project leadership teams to rationalize their workload and reduce their costs.
Why reinventing the wheel? 
Business strategists use DigiWhat to:
Boost the profitability of projects by exploiting existing expertise
Speed up internal and external project execution
Build a browsable database to identify your top notch competencies
Accelerate the sales cycles by boosting innovation velocity
“…I would recommend DigiWhat to anyone who wants to have a straightforward, informative and high-quality case to show clients and investors!“


CPO&Partner, Ceretai
“…With DigiWhat, we spent 60% less time creating our case study than usual. That is a pleasure!“


Head of Marketing Aiconix.io

DigiWhat explained 
in 3 steps

Let people contribute to their case study

Trying to collect information about the projects you accomplished is always a chasing game. DigiWhat collaborative tool is built on a unique structure that delivers high-quality output with minimum input. It is designed to get information from different stakeholders such as sales, project lead, tech, and end customers (if applicable) within minutes.

Make your final adjustments to show the best content

At the end of the information collection process you will see the preview of your case study. You can visually customize it and rephrase the existing text modules according to your preferences.

Ready plugin for websites, apps and intranet

With DigiWhat's plugin, the released case studies appear seamlessly wherever you want them displayed and can be secured via your company SSO. The plugin comes with a filter function, so you can easily find the matching cases to your current challenges.
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