DigiWhat for Tech Marketers

Ease your case study creation process
Discover DigiWhat, a tool that easily guides stakeholders through the Case Study creation process. It gathers crucial information, let you enter the process with a 90%-ready case study preview, and allows you to review, and publish it with just one click. 

If your current process concentrates on your lighthouse projects, DigiWhat offers you an automated tool that helps turning the entire projects into case studies.
Tech marketers use DigiWhat to:
Drastically reduce time and effort for Case Study creation
Collect relevant information in a standardized and automated way
Generate content to support your sales organization
Supports the creation of marketing content
“…I would recommend DigiWhat to anyone who wants to have a straightforward, informative and high-quality case to show clients and investors!“


CPO&Partner, Ceretai
“…With DigiWhat, we spent 60% less time creating our case study than usual. That is a pleasure!“


Head of Marketing Aiconix.io

DigiWhat explained 
in 3 steps

Let people contribute to your case study

DigiWhat is a collaborative information gathering tool built on a unique structure that delivers high-quality output with minimum input. It is designed to get information from different stakeholders such as sales, project lead, tech, and the end customer within minutes.

Make your final adjustments to show the best content 

At the end of the information collection process, you will see the preview of your case study. You can visually customize it and rephrase the existing text modules according to your preferences. This also allows you to share the preview straight from the tool with the end customer and get immediate approval. 

Ready plugin for websites, apps, newsletter and social media

With DigiWhat's plugin, the released case studies appear seamlessly wherever you want them displayed. Share them with one button and get people linked to your website or any other channel of your choice.
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