#1 Case Study Creation Tool leverages the power of AI technology to create an enterprise case study platform for compelling marketing and sales content marketing that boosts revenue.

Get demo is an AI-powered B2B SaaS platform that automates the case study creation workflow. It helps marketing experts and revenue orientated sales leaders to create engaging campaigns and shorten sales cycles by building credibility. 

With DigiWhat businesses generate more leads, scale their expertise in the market and reduce marketing costs

Up to 70% faster

No worries about resources! Turn every project into a case study.

Boost effectiveness

Conduct interviews with clients and set communiaction focus - 
don´t waste time on unproductive tasks

Optimize campain outcome

With targetgroup specific content that creates trust immediately

Increase revenue

Foster lead quality in attention phase and  shorten sales cycles by showcasing your expertise

With features like individual content collection, AI supported feedback aggregation and instant CI customized outputs

Content enquiry

An interview questionnaire is used
to determine the content of the final
contribution. In addition to free text
fields, many intelligent
mechanisms help to get good and
directly processable answers from a
wide range of participants. As smart
alternative easily paste a trancript of
your interview call in the tool.

Draft editing

Add the finishing touches in the design view.
The layout automatically adapts to any
content customized on your CI.
Choose between different output formats such
as web, ppt, social media visuals, pdf, ...

Approval and Publishing

You can send your final drafts for
approval via DigiWhat. The tool
provides you with a complete
approval history, saving the
comments or approvals in the system.
Based on your customized settings,
the report is automatically published
or can be downloaded.

Happy to answer your questions or show you around!
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